91-92 Blades Claudio Scremin - champinship season

2021.10.17 13:58 mrtkc 91-92 Blades Claudio Scremin - champinship season

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2021.10.17 13:58 SafeMoonXPost Tell ‘em [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.10.17 13:58 FeelingsDisappear How can vision fly? It makes zero sense

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2021.10.17 13:58 SafeMoonXPost Run up them numbers. [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.10.17 13:58 Ikraaap [Multi] Some phone spots from the past weeks

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2021.10.17 13:58 FickleEgg Hello people of the community, I’ve been playing paladins for years and I’ve had so many wholesome moments butI could never record it because of my shitty pc. Anyway you can watch replays?

Lemme know if there are any possible way
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2021.10.17 13:58 peraking1233 Hey everyone, Im here to guide new people and help them start, by sharing my learning program and exercises that helped me ride my first 10 meters without falling. Hope this helps someone.

So, when I started I was extremely scared, and thats alright if you are too. Im still getting over the fear every time I step on the board, but its natural if its your first week.
You just want to get going as slowly and under control as you can. Firstly, start by putting the board on some carpet or grass, and stand on it, toes pointing out to the side. You should feel the board, lean and crouch, see how the wheels move.
While you are still on the carpet, dedicate some time to this exercise too, its an important one. So, step on with your front leg, toes pointing parallel to the board. And just balance, on one leg, for as long as you can. You better step of because of tired leg than because of losing balance. This will help you when you get to pushing.
So, after a few hours or few days, since everyone takes their time, make sure to get out of your comfort zone and put the board on some concrete. Do the same things you did on the carpet. Make sure the ground is dry and weather is nice, you want to lower the risks as much as possible if you are a scared beginner.
After a few days of doing this too, start balancing on your front leg and push off a little. Then put your leg back down. Make sure the weight is on your front leg. You need to RIDE the board, not push it around. The point is that you balance on one leg. If you start losing balance, put your leg back down. You will be able to move a meter or 2 like this.
Next step is the scariest one, but you can do it. Push off, and quickly put your back leg on. Try staying like that for at least a split second, then you can take it off. You need to get the back leg on. It doesn't matter how long, but you need to stand with both legs. After you got these steps, you can just improve and get nore comfortable with the board. Try relaxing your shoulders a bit, turning your front leg outwards into the riding position, etc.
You just need to keep doing this last step until you feel like you can step on, push, stand a bit, push again, stop.
Oh, and by the way, you can stop however you like. Its ok if you fall a few times, and its ok if you jump of the board. You will worry about stopping when you get some more speed.
I hope this is enough slow progression so that everyone can start working on their courage and comfort. I had a problem with this so I slowly developed this plan because I was too scared of hurting myself, and by following this and not forcing myself too much, I got it without a single fall. I lost balance, sure, but never fell completely. I encourage you to do the same. If you are still too scared, try getting a friend or a family member to hold you up a bit. Its easier if you do it together. Have a great skating guys, just like Im starting to enjoy mine.
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2021.10.17 13:58 botanricecandy17 Here I am looking extra cool on my 4th birthday

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2021.10.17 13:58 ScrewOff_ Luke Hughes avoids the defender and dishes a nice backhand pass to remain a point per game for Michigan

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2021.10.17 13:58 urymasa1970 Cómo Uruguay se convirtió en el segundo país del mundo en energía eólica

Los 43 parques instalados producen un tercio de la electricidad que consume el país y le han ahorrado más de 125 millones de dólares sólo en el año 2020. https://www.infobae.com/america/america-latina/2021/10/17/como-uruguay-se-convirtio-en-el-segundo-pais-del-mundo-en-energia-eolica/
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2021.10.17 13:58 SafeMoonXPost FEELINGH VERY BULLISH! [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.10.17 13:58 XCBBNC97 Tired

I'm just so tired of not being able to figure out smth as ''simple'' as what one's MBTI type is. At the end of the day it's also so meaningless, yet it bothers me so much. For the longest time I have been bouncing between different types, such as INFJ, INTJ and even ENTJ. It's almost funny because e.g. ENTJ and INFJ are quite different types.
My current thought process is that INTJ could be the one. I'm not as flashy as an ENTJ, I'm heavily risk-averse and I mostly dislike the thought of socializing (although often I feel really good afterwards). I'm more plan-oriented first rather than just jumping in and taking action. The assumed ENTJs I've met have more restless energy and compared to me, I'm much calmer.
Then again, I don't seem to have as ''serene'' vibe as the assumed INTJs I've met. I'm also excellent at solving people's problems and often they also seem to receive emotional comfort from me. People come to me with their problems and I don't really know why. I know I can give good advice but I don't see why they would approach me. I can easily make acquaintances and I'm good at conversations when I bother to do it. I also do care what people think of me and I'm anxious about coming off as a way I don't intend to, making myself look bad or unsuccessful. As far as I'm aware, INTJs typically don't care about what people think of them.
INTJs aren't generally thought to be skilled with people but I can be, it just depends on whether I care to do it. Sometimes I wonder if I got Fe or have I just grown to be very skilled at masking my true self, because it is a conscious decision to ''change a switch'' depending on the situation/people.
I'm pretty sure I have Ni over Ne and Te over Ti. Both Fi and Se grips seem to fit.
A part of me strongly hates for discovering MBTI because instead of it being a useful tool, it has only made me more confused about myself and I have wasted countless hours on this shit which is just...shitty. Yet I can't be at peace until I know my type. Sigh.
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2021.10.17 13:58 gwop_the_derailer Ezra Couture, Tales of Arabia, 2021 [762x1058]

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2021.10.17 13:58 fortehburningblade00 Was just laid off looking at making a career change

After years of working in insurance tried my hand at sales and didn't go well. Put a lot of effort but just couldn't keep up with the increasing sales targets and realize that isn't for me. Would love some insight for careers in Canada that have greatest need/most open positions.
Open to considering most careers at the moment, & advice to help narrow down what careers I could enjoy. I live in Nova Scotia. Thank you & apologize if this isn't the best subreddit to post this in.
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2021.10.17 13:58 ajvazded0 Lieke Klaver

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2021.10.17 13:58 Ok-Sleep-912 problema con la instalacion de kali linux dual boot

tengo un problema cuando intento instalar kali linux en dual boot estoy probando desde una usb y solo me deja entrar en la interfaz como el de la imagen pero después de ahí mi pantalla se vuelve borrosa y no se ve nada
alguien que ya le haya pasado algo similar?? ya he buscado pero no me sale nd hay muy poca información o casi nula
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2021.10.17 13:58 RTA4WOW Garrison bunker/war mill transmog cosmetic sets

Just bought some of the cosmetic pieces of the Blackrock Plate set on my druid and mailed them to my warrior (which made them account bound and non-refundable).
After opening the mail, it said "xxxx added to your transmog collection" and I was able to transmog into them.
So I then sold the cosmetic pieces, like it also works with the Shadowlands cosmetic pieces, and thought I would keep the transmog, because they've already been added and there was no message like "xxx got removed from your collection".
Guess I was wrong because they disappeared out of my collection and I can really only transmog into them if the certain cosmetic item is in my inventory. I tried to mail the leftover cosmetics to another plate character (DK), who then could use those, but they were not transmoggable on my warrior anymore. Did I misunderstand something?
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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2021.10.17 13:58 AffectionateNobody12 23 [F4M] - Anywhere - A faint clap of thunder, clouded skies...

Last time I posted, the inbox blew up and I was really thrilled to have so many people write to me. But the conversations fizzled out. I'd really like that if you're considering writing to me, you say more than a hello! :)
I have been making progress with my inner work and it feels like it is a good time to also look outside and share this growth and happiness with another person.
I am a quiet introvert and like to spend time reading, introspecting and organizing. I also like watching Studio Ghibli movies -they are a great pick me up on days I am not feeling like myself! I am emotional, sensitive and really value affection, care and kindness.
I am looking for a long-term relationship with someone who has similar interests and values. I don't mind the distance as long as I feel an emotional connect. I am still deciding on which direction I want to take my career in and being in the same physical space might not be possible in the near future but it is definitely something I would like to strive for. I look forward to getting married in the long-term, raising kids, having a house of our own -if this doesn't sound like you, we probably won't be compatible. I would love to meet someone to have deep, thoughtful conversations with, share my dreams and build a life with.
Finally, I am looking for someone career-oriented, someone who is serious about progressing in their career path. If that is not something you want to do, this will probably not work out. I don't smoke or do drugs, although I don't mind an occasional drink. I would prefer if you don't smoke or do drugs either.
I will look forward to hearing from you!
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2021.10.17 13:58 SafeMoonXPost Im poor in fiat. [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.10.17 13:58 MPH2210 least retarded juicer

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2021.10.17 13:58 wrrryyy POE Performance on Good Hardware

Hello guys,
im currently thinking about playing poe.
Im curious about the Game‘s optimization. Im Preto sensitive to stutters and fps drops.
My rig:
Ryzen 5600x GeForce RTX 3070 32gb RAM 1TB SSD 240hz Full hd (1080p) Display
I was thinking about running the Game with low Details and 100fps capped to ensure a steady frametime and stutterfree gameplay even in tense maps.
Would this be possible with my config?
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2021.10.17 13:58 LooneyStark If there is one singer/band you have to obliterate from the face of this planet and make sure no one remembers it, who would it be?

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2021.10.17 13:58 KorzarLionel I just saw survey and got that idea.

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2021.10.17 13:58 codesign123 DaVinci rising - Medieval holo

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2021.10.17 13:58 U-GO-GURL- My daughter’s college has an automatic hand washing machine in the cafeteria

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