On my newly started channel I do comedic commentary on everything

2021.10.17 14:43 JappeJJ On my newly started channel I do comedic commentary on everything

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2021.10.17 14:43 hernandezmario925 [OC][ART] i make dnd concepts ill never be able to use. Could be better but though this would be best to try and post first.

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2021.10.17 14:43 kiwioof [QUESTION] what is a easy solo to play

I just need a easy solo to shred
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2021.10.17 14:43 FunRepresentative104 Just because you're a rapper who has daughter doesn't give you the right to murder people for money

I'm referring to people like Biggie and Tupac who were in real gangs. Just because someone makes good music doesn't excuse them for being scumbag criminals. Believe it or not there are actual companies who hires people without education and even if you can't get a job for some impossible reason any good person would rather be homeless than join a gang. Bonus take: Just because you like your mom does not mean you respect women.
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2021.10.17 14:43 Eight-Bit-Idiot Account Disabled

Hi, I just recently Created an account on Uphold and I made just one transaction and my account got disabled, I'm from the Philippines and used it for Mythical Games as Payout wallet. Can you please explain to me why did you ban my account and I swear I did nothing wrong, I only withdraw my funds from Mythical Games (which recently partnered with Uphold) going to Uphold, then you block my account? I already contacted your Customer Support and they don't let me regain access to my account.
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2021.10.17 14:43 CommaHorror Million dollar idea;replace a tips with ant-eaters somehow cleaning, our ears.

There doctor, know you will have an answer when I ask how am I supposed to clean my inner ears of ear, wax.
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2021.10.17 14:43 Ok-Resolve-7973 Anyone wanna partner up in McFit Friedrichshain or Lichtenberg?

I workout in the evening. Weekends usually in the morning. Trying to cut nowadays, still beginner. 29M vaccinated
Would be nice to have a gym partner.
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2021.10.17 14:43 Buggi_San [Lies of Locke Lamora] Just finished Lies of Locke Lamora : Presumptions + Thoughts + Predictions

Hi everyone !! I just finished reading The Lies of Locke Lamora !! I have some thoughts I want to get out :
Presumptions :
Before reading the book, I heard that it is about a group of thieves in a corrupt town. There isn't much magic in the story and the friendships are one of the best things in this book ! For some reason, I assumed the book to be made of a series of heists
I read this as a physical book, and so I didn't (read as physically couldn't) make highlights and notes.
Thoughts :
The start with the Father Chains and the Thiefmaker, talking about Locke, albeit a bit slow .. just shows how sneaky and capable Locke is and it did a decent job in convincing me as a reader too ! But the whole Thiefmaker story also showed how corrupt and unfair of a world it is for the orphans. I was glad to get glimpses of Elderglass and FalseNight and that it is an alien substance and the religion with 13 gods. It made the world much more fantastical for me.
The book was still slow for me, during the First Contact, but I was intrigued to find out the GB's plan ... I love the whole canal-based aesthetic with sharks and the gladiator style battles.
I thought the GB's were done for when the Duke's Midnighters came to warn him, but OMG ! THE TWIST ! I was hooked from then on ! And at the same time, in the past ... When we learn about Chains' true motivation ! [Had to include it !!]

Unless your eyes and ears have been stitched shut with rawhide these past two days, by now you must have realized that I intend you and Calo and Galdo and Sabetha to be nothing less,” Chains confided through a feral grin, “than a fucking ballista bolt right through the heart of Vencarlo’s precious Secret Peace.”
When we find out the Capa's plans for Locke, I thought the big problem would be Locke trying to get out of this, while continuing his scams ...
I loved getting to know more about Jean and how Locke and Jean first interacted, but I wish their enmity had gone on a little longer ... It felt like too fast a resolution (but still understandable because Locke was a mostly decent kid, and Jean was already one)
Nazca's death was shocking, and it propelled the story in a way I didnt see at all coming !
Chains backstory about him being friends with Jean's swordmaster was interesting, and made Chains seem more realistic. He wasn't fabricating connections out of thin air ! He was just using the ones he had cleverly !
LOCKE BEING LEFT TO THE CAPA'S MERCY !! OMG !! Such a serious twist, I really thought the Bondsmage was going to be true to his word (At first I assumed, the Bondsmage got incapacitated or something, using another Bondsmage )
Also, the Spider finding out about Locke's scam ... Multiple problems at the same time
The interlude with Locke using brute stubborness by basically tying himself to Tesso, was very interesting ! Showed that Locke had trouble with some skills, and he had to rely on the team ..
CALO, GALDO and BUG's death ! OMG, the twists in this story ! [I even posted recently about this in this subreddit, it was very devestating !!] Finally, the Grey King getting rid of the Capa and his sons !! I thought it wasn't going to happen so soon !
Locke's trickster mind, comes into clear view when we saw the whole Merragio scam ! I was very impressed that first, the author showed Locke's initial plan not working and second, how quickly Locke got the new scam running !
Wicked Sisters, I’d like you to meet Wicked Sisters !! I always liked Jean, but I was rooting for him to get his bloody revenge on the Berangias twins, so satisying especially after I realised they were responsible for Calo and Galdo's fate !
Also, the net closing around Locke without Locke even realising ! One of the few times, I wish the GB's had some spy network ... considering all the money they had, they could easily have created one, IMO ! Still realistic considering the famed Spider is the one who has the control now !
Spider capturing Locke and Locke getting away was amazing, but it felt too wasy, tbh. The Spider didn't even think about calling her guards in after Locke is incapacitated ? And also the fact that the Spider had Locke's antidote available in the open, as soon as he punches her ... I assumed it was definitely going to be another poison instead of the antidote and the real antidote hidden somewhere ...
THE FALCONER !! AGAIN !! I thought Jean was definitely done for, this time !! ALSO LOCKE'S REVEAL THAT HIS FIRST NAME IS ALSO NOT LOCKE is on par with the satisfaction I got from the Falcon dying ! I am proud that my guess was quite close, either that Locke's first name wont be sufficient to control him or that Locke has some magical ability in him .. Glad it wasn't him using magic in reverse, would have been too Ex-Machina. It was just his extreme caution as Barsavi mentioned in a previous chapter.
The revenge on the Bondsmage is prefect ! I didnt expect him to breakdown so easily, but that is probably how most bullies are though ...
Locke choosing to save the nobility was (a wrong decision IMO, thought the Grey King was going to escape) showed he has some goodness in him, but it was anti-climactic. The threat of the whole nobility getting Gentled felt real, of course, but Locke having to beg Conte, and Conte actually agreeing to take him to the Spider, Salvaras and the Spider being okay with him after he stole ~40% of their money, was too weird ... I assumed Locke was going to be jailed and he escpaes with the help of Jean in the finale or next book ...
FINALLY, LOCKE'S REVENGE !! WAS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION !! (“Calo Sanza. My brother and my friend.”, “Galdo Sanza, my brother and my friend!”, “Bug,” ... “His real name was Bertilion Gadek. My apprentice. My brother. And my friend.”) , tears in my eyes !!
The Epilogue reveal that the sunken ship was a death offering, and not actually a plague ship !! Amazed of Locke's quick thinking again ! Also what irks me is that the Salveras become the next spiders ... I am okay with Sofia, because she shows some ingenuity with Alchemical botany and the fact that she was long suspicious of Lukas and talked to the Dona Vorchenza, but the Don hasn't shown any useful qualities, other than his kindness (saving Lukas and Graumann personally, as mentioned by Conte) which is actually a bad quality to have in a potential Spider replacement ..
Observations :
I am glad we don't see most of the GB's lives before Chains, I didn't want to read another story about a kid trying to make it in the world. They had relative stability from the first time we see them
The heirarchy of theives (garristas, pezon, capa) and I was glad that the GB's operated mostly outside it. All the special words (like contrarequialla) added a lot to the story, but it felt a bit overdone at times for me.
I was sad to hear the GB's had no actual need to spend the money .. They finally get a goal, to hunt the Grey King, but still it felt sad that not even Chains taught them, what the money they stole is actually for
It is unrealistic for everyone to have all the talents, but nevertheless I am surprised that Chains didn't ensure that everyone other than Jean had decent fighting skills.
Love some of the humor, especially when it was used to make light of the darker things happening [Two come to mind, We are told about the Ruthlessness of the Bloodmages in the Interlude and Locke insults him nevertheless, During the Shark fight (Second Touch), we are told about a torso flying into the air, after the shark attack ]
Loved the side stories, POVs ... They always happened after big twists, so I was always in a hurry to go through them fast, but I loved getting that view
Loved everything alchemical, this world was using magic/weird science in subtle ways ... No hangover wines, Wine filled Oranges, Alchemical Bonsai trees, the almost magical potions, come to mind
I wish we had been given more clues to who could possibly be the Grey King, I liked the twist that he is related to the Berangias' twins, but still ...
Loved seeing Jean's skills put to test fighting the twins, him winning was a sure sign of his talent
I wish we had seen more women thieves, in this book ! Sabetha and Nazca, were okay but the role was too small ! The only comfort was the interlude, where all the female sex-workers in the city banded and have relatively protected lives!
Money/bribes has such a big role in this world, the loss of all the GB's money had me worried, how they were going to survive .. [Gave me major Name of the Wind vibeswith Kvothe struggling for money .. ]
Locke ready to leave Benjavier (the Merragio servant he scams) to prison, and implicating him was one of his darker moments, I am glad he ensured that Benjy got to escape !
Falconer doesn't use his real name, so that no one else can control him ... Also, why the hell didn't he use protection against himself from knife attacks (which is why Capa drowns the Grey King instead of killing him ?)

A couple of lines, I had no explanation for :
- There is a line about seeing a body in the Capa's throne room for the second time, when Locke meets the Capa .. Was the first time Chains' death ? We are not told how he dies at all !
- There is a line about the shark and the devilfish fighting, and all the blood making the river red, and the author mentions that it is important (as if speaking directly to the reader)
Predictions :
A very enjoyable book !! Worth the praise it gets, and can't wait to read the next book !! Thank you for reading this long post !! Hope you enjoyed reading it !!
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2021.10.17 14:43 Iyonz562 Close combat world

Are there any world in which there are swords or blades so you can fight with friends. I've been in one and it was fun although it was very glitchy
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