This was given by friend who has passed from covid

2021.10.17 14:31 WeightSudden1223 This was given by friend who has passed from covid

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2021.10.17 14:31 catboy519 Is it normal that emotions (good and bad) are extremely strong in dreams compared to real life?

Or is it because of my depression that during the day I'm numb and while dreaming I have alot of emotions? (good and bad ones)
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2021.10.17 14:31 TrumpPresident2021 Famous quotes

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2021.10.17 14:31 bigmammoth2310 A Lodestar for Ethereum Consensus #1

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2021.10.17 14:31 Shinomourikenji1 Chemistry seems better

I gotta say the chemistry system feels much better this year. Have been able to get a +5 bonus with twf and Twd on lines.
My current top line on my kraken franchise is snp-twf-ply and I got a +5 and have a +5 on d with a pair of twd, also was able to get a +3 with a pair of dfd. Still seeing a sever lack of players with hold the line preference on d though.
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2021.10.17 14:31 Ok_Support8413 The Classics ( 2009 - 2011 )

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2021.10.17 14:31 Poke_play Giratina now 520087750774

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2021.10.17 14:31 Fortnitelover400 Game pass and ea play

So I’ve just downloaded a few games using ea play when my subscription ends for game pass will the ea games I downloaded still be playable or no?
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2021.10.17 14:31 IamPotato14 Iguanas educates Cat on respecting one's boundaries.

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2021.10.17 14:31 julyskyphone

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2021.10.17 14:31 Comic_Book_Reader [GTM] [Easy] The word of today is "Incomprehensible".

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2021.10.17 14:31 2COOH Is there a way to apply potions to villagers doing valley tasks?

I’ve got 2 villagers doing a valley event rn(the exact event is the first section of A Most Exotic Honey). Basically I want to apply a potion to speed up their research time. Is there a way I can do this?
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2021.10.17 14:31 Tee1999 Are these withdrawals?

I’ve been taking effexor 37.5mg for about 12 days but I recently stopped a few days ago because i got a pretty bad cold and i was also taking cold medicine and i didn’t want them to interact with my effexor. I’m getting over my cold but I feel awful. I’ve been having a rapid heartbeat for like 3 days straight, I’ve been having chills, body sometimes feels like pins and needles, chest pain from heart beating fast, fatigue, feeling disoriented/dizzy, nausea, anxiety, depersonalization. Are these effexor withdrawals symptoms? I’ve started back taking it last night but I still feel awful. Some of the symptoms are gone but I still don’t feel like myself.
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2021.10.17 14:31 melancholic-town Starting my first 7 days fast because I can’t stop eating :( I hope I won’t binge anymore and stick to my fast. Wish me good luck !

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2021.10.17 14:31 freejinn What flavor do you like so much that you'll eat in every form it comes in?

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2021.10.17 14:31 taxes1845 Wanna Stay For Breakfast?

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2021.10.17 14:31 theguythatcreates This 9yr old on a full sized dirt bike.

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2021.10.17 14:31 Harry_Isthatyou Apparently all of Africa can fit into the continent of Africa

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2021.10.17 14:31 brisey21 So excited for my favorite holiday to come

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2021.10.17 14:31 The-Siper CrabLinz, what is that Form lmao

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2021.10.17 14:31 Excited_yeti Episode suggestions for manga-only

Hi, guys. I’ve been manga only for one piece and it’s definitely one of the all time favorite fiction stories for me. I avoided anime for the longest time, hearing its pacing issues, and tbh 1000ch are much faster to go through than 1000 episodes:D Nonetheless, I still wanted to try anime, but my question is in your opinion which anime episodes/arcs enhance one piece manga experience for you? Maybe a masterfully animated fight scene, amazing soundtrack or voice acting that made you appreciate a moment in anime for than the same moment in manga? I would like to indulge myself into iconic OP episodes that you would consider enhancing manga experience. Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.17 14:31 APP0LO episode with Shinomiya backstory

Hi all, could someone tell me which episode did a young Shinomiya go to a French restaurant and discover his passion for cooking when tasting it for the first time in season 1? I remember it was a beautiful episode and I really want to watch it again but can't seem to find it.
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2021.10.17 14:31 flaminggallah69 GNOME Software cannot find connection

Hi there,
Anyone else having the issue on Fedora 35 (Silverblue) where the Software centre cannot find an internet connection. The way around it seems to be to force close it, and then re-open. It was wokring fine before a rebase from Fedora 34
Iv'e opened a bug report, but am curious about two things

  1. Is anyone else experiencing this
  2. To update keep Silverblue up-to-date would "rpm-ostree upgrade && flatpak update" suffice?
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2021.10.17 14:31 dodagr8 An emotional tough mudder, where people shout demotivational or abusive things at you as you run a 10k.

For example, “what was your excuse for not training”, or “have you thought about how many times you’ve let your parents down”
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2021.10.17 14:31 Led_Axel123 Ala ala

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