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2021.10.17 14:26 KonekoBot Sun Oct 17 23:26:28 2021

Puts on TSLA alllllllll day. I’m probably gonna load calls for the run up, but definite puts for after earnings.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 19:34:21 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
How we feeling about TSLA puts boys
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 00:20:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
AMD, TSLA and SHOP made people a lot of money. Kudos to you for having the balls to go heavy on those.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:26:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
TSLA carried you there. Congratulations
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:41:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Nicely done. You nailed it with TSLA. I am surprised about the small amount you put into AMZN but you still made 5MM
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 12:54:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Got into FLGT at $32 and sold about $180 before it crashed, TSLA at $399 and sold for above $800 in Jan, and SPT and APPS did pretty well for me (although I am no longer holding any of these)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:03:30 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Good for you. But not learning about some companies and not investing in them is such a loss long term. I went into PLTR TSLA BB NOK. Currently up like 250% in an year. God speed. I bought 200 shares of $TLRY today at $10.3, we will probably get this around 9.5-9.7 soon. If not, I am ok here. ATH is 300$, expecting 13$ by December. This is long-term stock for me though.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:19:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Being more decisive on pulling the triggers. I evaluated adding NVDA and TSLA 6 years ago, delayed on making a decision for 6 months and ended up using the money for a house addition. As Buffett says,“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 15:07:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Current positions in TSM c 112 10/29, DIS c 172.5 10/29, XOM c 64 10/29, FDX c 255 11/05, TSLA c 855 11/12, and GME c 250 12/17
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:19:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Interesting that TSLA and COIN are both doing well, and Ark is still sucking.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:27:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm the furthest thing from a Tesla or Bitcoin fan, but at least TSLA and COIN are businesses with cash flows in the present and a decent shot at expanding them in the future. Ark funds take speculation to the next level.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:37:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Agreed. Just strange that TSLA and COIN are some of ARKK’s bigger holdings, and that ARKK was red while the other two rallied.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:03:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 02:11:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Are you trying to hint that TSLA is over-priced? I guess we are expecting +5% Monday then, right?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:55:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I own a 2008 335i. I’ve had a good experience. To each their own I guess. I like TSLA as a stock and I own shares. But nah not owning one anytime soon unless they step up on the aesthetics.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:28:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
TSLA looks like a fat alien car lol. When it comes to aesthetic, it’s gonna be lucid for me.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:07:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Yes. Big drop coming. Please short. But in all seriousness, TSLA is a volatile stock and will continue to be. This is the very definition of disruption. I am all in TSLA for 6 years and every year there are at least a couple 30% correction. This year there was a 40% correction and last year it was 60% correction. Despite all the crashes and correction I'm up 1300%.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 17:56:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I mean, sometimes stocks do just continue to go up. If they post a good earnings, though, shit at this rate it will never go down... Realistically, however, it is my opinion that the bizarre combined upward momentum is not sustainable in the short-term. Elon is a genius, realistically TSLA may become a FAANG-type stock one day...but short-term? It has to drop at some point...
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 21:31:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
"Prediction is difficult, particularly when it involves the future" - Mark Twain But I'll give the magic 8-ball a spin and give me 2 cents here: * TSLA is a very different company now compared to January. While one can argue whether or not it is overvalued, there is no longer any argument whether it is profitable. * Manufacturing capacity is much more solid with new lines coming up in Berlin and Texas. * Short interest is negligible for a stock with this market cap, so short-covering has not been a factor in the recent run-up. * We haven't seen a massive increase in options open interest, so gamma squeeze also not behind the recent rise. In short, there may be a small retracement of the stock in reaction to earnings, which is typical of most stocks these days, but most likely not a catastrophic fall. And any retracement will just provide more fuel for the Q4 rally in TSLA that will take it to new highs.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 00:45:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Quite the love triangle with ARK, TSLA, and BTC. Especially noticeable with ARKW.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 23:44:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
(Assuming that you are in US) I wish i had dumped all i earned into safe stocks when i was 19. This is what i would do if i were 19 again. If you can afford to, maximize your IRA contribution of $6000 (as of this year) and put it into IRA stock account every year. Any trades you make wouldn’t have any tax implications since you will not be withdrawing until retirement. Make sure you have at least 50% in “safe” stocks such as MSFT, APPL, BAC, COST, SPY, TSLA (i personally think this is a safe stock) Other 50% play in risky TSLA, PLTR, PLUG, BB, BLDP, CHPT, NIO, BABA. With riskier stocks, you just buy and sell when you make at least 5% to 10%. You set a target amt you are happy and STICK TO IT. DO NOT WAVER!
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:31:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They called the GME run to $175 while most refused to cover it. This TSLA price target tells me I have more plays to make before any sort of correction. I'm disappointed that I didn't hold my JEF position.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:12:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm up 400%, think I'll keep holding TSLA.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 18:03:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
So we all agree TSLA is currently under valued, right? 😃
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:25:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Ya’ll are fucking nuts. TSLA will maintain its market share and increase its margins. Gm and ford suck ass
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:20:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I love coming here to read the 🌈🐻 reasons to still not buy the stock. No way to spin it; TSLA is a beast.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:08:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Man there an insane amount of TSLA shills in this thread.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:44:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm slowly scaling back my TSLA position. Started holding in 2019, it's been a wild ride. I spent some years in autonomous vehicle development and my observation is that tech diffuses within a few years. Now that the big manufacturers are also on the BEV train (and have L2 autonomy) TSLA don't exactly have much of a moat among consumers who haven't bought into the Tesla marketing/Elon hype.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:02:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Not at all. Unless you expect Tesla to have a lower P/E than Amazon had they will soon be undervalued. EPS for TSLA will blow your mind in a few years.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:07:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
> Now that the big manufacturers are also on the BEV train (and have L2 autonomy) TSLA don't exactly have much of a moat among consumers who haven't bought into the Tesla marketing/Elon hype. Even Elon acknowledges that autonomy will not be Tesla's moat, but rather manufacturing. And tbh, I don't see anyone else scaling to 20 million EVs per year other than Tesla. And seeing SpaceX's manufacturing innovations adds to my conviction that Elon does next gen vehicle manufacturing better than others. disclosure: I don't own Tesla, so just an observer.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:21:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Tesla's PEG ratio is 5.33 according to zacks. The forward PEG is 6.22 according to nasdaq. That aside, doesn't PEG ratio presuppose that the growth rate is sustainable? For TSLA to have the same growth rate as the last year they'd have to increase their EPS like 5x annually because 2020 had relatively low profits. I'm not even sure they have the supply chain to support that kind of growth. In two years they'd need a supply chain the size of like 4 Toyotas.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 13:56:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I love the hype, it's made me some big bucks. I'm not against TSLA but I am reducing. For example: IDK where this 20MM units/year figure came from but I think it's improbable that TSLA would become the largest car company in the world by a factor of 2.5 anytime soon. That people believe this has been great for my portfolio, but I'm taking those gains and diversifying them out into stuff that's less hype based.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 16:57:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Yeah but TSLA will set the standard by which all other EV’s are judged.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:34:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
>battery day happened a year ago Yes that is exactly my point. The idea of TSLA as a battery technology leader is pure speculation on the future, completely divorced from commercial realities.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:52:30 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Right - the new ones that TSLA has literally never sold.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:51:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Correlation does not have to imply causation for TSLA to be overvalued. With that said I'm 2% TSLA so I understand the growth argument too.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 07:42:14 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
1) It shows how quickly GM can launch an EV product. It's not about reusing components, it's developing a process to design and manufacture EV vehicles. Lyriq will be available early 2022, and I expect other GM brands to announce more EVs soon. They do not lack capacity to produce EV vehicles, don't know why you think that. Plants can be re-tooled for EV pretty quickly. 2) I'm wrong on this, but now it tells me if TSLA can make good margins on EVs, why can't GM? 3) This is just not true. There is certainly growing EV demand, but ICE demand has not gone down. Plenty of people do not trust EVs yet whether it be range anxiety, concerns about repair, charger availability, etc. Please explain how an ICE will be worthless in a few year? I can still by gas and drive it lol
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:50:26 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
"Correlation does not have to imply causation for TSLA to be overvalued." What do you mean?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 07:47:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
It's a negation of the logic you used to imply that TSLA is not overvalued due to it merely being correlated to, and not causally related to, the average historic price action of high PE growth stocks such as INTC in the mid to late 90s
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 07:52:58 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks Letter to Investors dated 9/30/2020 This stock could be the next TSLA. It’s very much under the radar of many investors (although Bill Gates does own 10% of the company). It’s not hyperbole to say SDGR’s addressable market includes everything we touch.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 07:48:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I think you meant Cathie Woods? Though Elon agreed with it as long as Tesla could execute well. In any case hard to say, TSLA is really a long term play for the next few years or so (5+ years). Research a bit into what Tesla is doing over the next few years and see if you think they are likely to make it happen. If you think so, buy some stock. If not, best to keep your distance. The bulls have the stock going up by roughly 3X (possibly within a few years) or more while the bears have it going down by roughly 3X or more over the next few years. You really want to be confident on which side you want to be on there, and historically the bears have been beaten down by the bulls, though they probably did pretty well when it was going down early in the year as long as they got out soon enough.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 04:49:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
3000 is not realistic. But TSLA does have room to grow. It is currently overvalued, but growing tech companies often are. Compare the last 5 years of TSLA to XOM to see where the market thinks the future going.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 15:16:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
If I had to bet, I think it will be PLTR. Tesla is where it is because it has a cult like following, a charismatic leader, an enticing story, and it's the clear leader in a cutting edge industry. PLTR has all these things. However, TSLA was also enabled by expansionary monetary and fiscal policies. I am not sure if this environment will continue.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 16:14:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Remember what $TSLA did in late 2019 and how long it lasted? Destruction mode unleashed until late 2022 again, just Shanghai alone was enough to move TSLA & forward EPS estimates up biggly last year, same setup is forming again with Berlin & Austin. Add in another split obviously coming next year as Elon explicitly said that while they don't envision one >>for now<< they don't exclude the possibility 🚀🚀🚀 Tl;dr: eat shit 🌈burrytards.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:39:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost IIIamHiii (0/1) made a bet that TSLA would go to 1000.0 when it was 812.16 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:38:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Pro tip Buy TSLA calls $200 OTM next week so you dont miss out on 1000% gains.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 13:16:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA -8% 1w
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:22:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA was the first stock to net me 6 figures, looks like we're going for 7 now
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:06:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA 900 1w
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:27:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
My TSLA 2023 leaps up 100% now 🥳
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:01:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Today I paper handed 20 TSLA 0DTE $830c I was happy to walk away up $350. Had I held through the day I would have been up $24k FUCK ME BAHAHAHAHAHA !(emote|t5_2th52|4271)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:34:26 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
That dude who went all in TSLA 820p at 12 !(emote|t5_2th52|4271)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:09:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Burry closed his TSLA shorts. Time to switch off bear mode and go back to SPY Debit spreads.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:55:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA 800 1w
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 15:48:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Why has ARK been so shit lately? Still underperforming the market even when Cathy's favorite stocks like TSLA and COIN are mooning.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:02:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Can guarantee TSLA will hit ATH next week.. it’s been on 🔥🔥🔥
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:53:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Haha, the competition is coming? I think TSLA has it handled
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 20:23:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
well guess you better short TSLA.. shit..
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 23:12:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Not as nice as it could have been. I basically put the value of all the “buy it later options” for my Model S into TSLA when I bought my car. I figured if they paid for themselves it was a decent deal. They have paid for my next car…
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 01:46:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Yesss TSLA bull Szn back in stock baby!!!
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 23:45:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You must be new here. TSLA made more WSB millionaires and hobos than AMC and GME. It just took longer.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 06:47:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
If TSLA earning tradition holds it will dump on good numbers
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 20:30:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA will go down, expire worthless, kill your family, then give you AIDS. That’s financial advice in Minecraft
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 09:01:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Okay this confirms it. TSLA going to dive on ER again
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 04:12:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You can all thank me . I sold at $750 after holding for about a year, this is why TSLA is mooning
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 10:21:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
that may be because its ran up 30% in 3 months, "good numbers" may already be priced in. But this is TSLA we're talking about
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 20:42:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
nope. Wallstreet is expecting around $1.50 eps. TSLA will be over $2.00.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 10:32:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
11 minutes later and I’m laughing, crying, and weirdly aroused. TSLA to the moon
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 13:50:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 04:12:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLALounge Master of Boobs
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 15:19:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
On TSLA right?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:03:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA .2 delta calls can actually get assigned with the volatility this sometimes sees. Just the tax implications of this assignment are not worth it unless op actually wants to sell.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 00:25:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Yeah that was me and Apple like 10-15 years ago. Didn’t want to miss the TSLA train this time.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:55:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
JFC when you put it like that I'm never going to be able to retire. And I spun ~32k worth of shit DD dumbass mix of dividend stocks into ~450k worth of TSLA in the last 2 years. This was all in retirement accounts. TSLA, options and shares, is ~99% of it.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 04:16:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
This math doesn't add up. If I go to selling calls on TSLA Nov 12 $900, I am collecting $1100/m. So on a $90K cash, I am getting like a measy 1-2% return. So for me to collect 20K, I need to reserve $1.8M?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 14:54:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
> A month out in expiration with a ~.2 delta is pretty much regarded as the best probability of keeping the premium and keeping your shares. Thanks for that. Looks like Nov 12 TSLA @ $920 has a delta of 0.19. 920 is above the ATH, but earnings are coming and it wouldn't be surprising for it to pass that in 1-2 weeks. If you'd have a big tax bill (like OP) for selling shares it might be better to wait until the dust settles after earnings to re-evaluate it.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:31:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Did Burry really take a loss here? He bought puts when TSLA was pretty high IIRC. Tesla had a massive downturn in March. If he cashed out his positions and don’t get greedy, he probably made bank
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 04:33:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Interesting but remember this doesn't mean he is now long TSLA. Just that he closed the position.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 14:58:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA looks like a classic Livermore cylinder though. These ALWAYS go back down. It will go sub 300. The only question is when. In 10 years maybe, maybe next year.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:23:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Geez wasn’t that like a year ago? People really believe he’s still short TSLA?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 12:25:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Lmao where's to copy pasta about everyone not understanding that he's betting against America and not TSLA.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 00:05:22 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Great investigator? What was his TSLA thesis other than "price too high imo" ?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:27:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
So, what was the fundamental flaw with TSLA ?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:41:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I recall.. His DD was Tesla is valued more than other automakers combined. His other DD was Tesla is valued high due to a certain type of investing that when it collapses has no "reflexivity." To which, Cathy said, well Tesla is worth more than all the others because of what they are doing which will translate into massive profits not seen in the auto industry before. To which Michael Burry said, my fingers are in my ears and I can't hear you and I have a chart comparing the value of Tesla to other automakers. To which someone else said, but how about if you applied that chart to Apple when the iPhone came out. In response he made some fart noises. Yeah, his DD on TSLA was crap. That much I know for certain.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sun Oct 17 07:15:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Q1 filling that includes march was where he opened his put position, he could have bought at the top as well as the bottom, TSLA started recovering at the end of the quarter and in Q2 it did the reversal. In his Q2 report not only he did close his put position but he added to it, those contract are probably losing money because in Q2 the stock was bullish as hell Knowing his trading pattern if he was open he would have 100% sold if he was green on those short
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 20:02:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
not at all, I'd love to hear the flaw I kind of suspect it's tied to a certain notion that "juST a CAr coMPAny" can't ever have this valuation, or that raising rates will kill growth companies (even the ones like TSLA that have no need to borrow), but I'd rather not go on assumptions, please lay down the argument!
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 05:00:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
FTR, I am very bullish on TSLA the ticker. The sentiment is extremely powerful. Elon has a Jobs-esque marketing genius to him as well. He can single-handedly move the several trillions plus entire cr!pto market with a tweet. However, based on the limited evidence we have, it is almost entirely a car company TODAY and at least for several years. Could that change? Sure. But Google buying up shares of IonQ doesn't make them a company just around the corner to dominate quantum computing. So as a car company, future projections of absurd margins simply do not add up. 100 years of economic history in the auto industry all points to the same thing. Swapping out an ICE and instead power the car with a battery doesn't change a god damn thing. It is a cyclical business with razor thin margins and fiercely competitive. No one wants to drive the same car as everyone else.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 06:01:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I’m scared seeing all these TSLA gains… makes me scared to hold FD’s. But I’m gonna f&$kin do it anyways because I’m retarded and like TSLAndies
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 05:26:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA 🚀🚀🚀
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 11:05:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 19:03:40 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Problem with Burry is that he thinks too logically and is unable to deviate at all from that. Inflation + interest rates go up, TSLA should be the first to drop like a rock right? But the fact is that TSLA does not behave like a regular stock. Its the granddaddy of the meme stocks. What all meme stocks eventually aspire to be. Most people invested in it aren't gonna behave logically. They don't give a shit how many cars TSLA is delivering or what their profit margins are. They're in it to be a part of something. They think that TSLA's gonna change the world and don't plan to sell regardless of interest rates and all that other shit. In this case they might actually be right. But I definitely wouldn't bet against Musk.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 18:25:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Lol he's a fucking idiot for shorting TSLA now everyone's throwing it in his face he can't handle the trolls and now deletes his Twitter like a little bitch.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:59:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA body count. Who's next?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:26:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
No hate for Burry. It's haters like him who makes my TSLA wheel strategies possible.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:41:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
When power outages occur in CA I wonder how TSLA stock will perform. LMFAO
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:51:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Because he hasn’t.. he would have to disclose that and he did the opposite he bought more puts when TSLA was at its yearly low lol but I don’t look at his Twitter
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:45:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He's soft as fuck. I have nothing against him, but I once asked him on Twitter about his TSLA Puts and immediately got blocked. Wants to be a bear, but can't take a fucking comment.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:31:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA after hours: 849
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:54:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Dude bet against TSLA which had no clear reason to go down other than maybe some cooling off since it's P/E ratio is sky high. But there were still lots of possible reasons for it to still go up and it did.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 16:20:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
We don't know how much the puts were worth because the 13K filings are lame as fuck. He bought about 8000 PUTS with an unknown strike. The filings report the amounts as = 13K filing amount. So it looked like he had a 100+MM bet against TSLA but you're right, could've been 1M, or could've been like $50K if they were $200 strike.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:29:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Even in a market crash I don't think TSLA would be the best stock to do puts on to go down. I'd look at financial institutions or whatever industry that crapped the bed to cause a market meltdown to bet against.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:22:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
It’s ok I sold my TSLA calls when I was up like a few hundred when the stock was at 790ish now it’s at 850 a week later. I’d be up like $10k
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:23:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 12:35:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 14:13:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Looks like TSLA will probably hit 2000 within the next 1000 days, not 3000 days. It’s the tricky ups n downs along the way that deep in the money peeps aren’t expecting.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 18:13:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Everyone fixated on TSLA image (and I'm a tiny bit curious how you sat through the S, 3, X and Y releases without saying "hmmm... I think I'll buy a few more shares")... but I clicked through to the second picture to see the one day gains on GME. Awesome timing! Make sure to put some aside for taxes
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:28:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I bought my first TSLA shares in 2012. I sold them later that year for a nice 10% gain.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 05:12:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA is unrivaled. It was silly in the first place to bet against Tesla. Furthermore, TSLA is valued higher than all of the major automotive companies combined and is pumping out their products in record numbers, despite “supply chain issues” that all of the other automotive makers are discovering along the way of their very delayed entry into the EV market. The big players need to stay in their lane and not go all in on EV when one reigns supreme in comparison. This is how GM will go bankrupt a second time; F, their first time. TSLA applied to become an energy supplier in Texas. Their factory in Berlin will further push the deliveries to record numbers. Starlink is now in talks with major airline companies. SpaceX will commercialize space travel at an affordable price for the average citizen. What is there NOT to invest in here? TSLA PT in 2025, $4000. Remind me in 2025 of this post, bot.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:25:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Burry may have lost some credibility, but I think he's generally right on his former short position. There is no way TSLA should be at it's current valuation in any shape or form. On the automobile front, it's way out of its league against the majors now making their push into EVs at scale, and at better values. On the solar energy side, wasn't Elon's takeover of Solar City bascially a bailout from their ongoing losses and near bankruptcy? My takeaway is that betting against a cult is a recipe for disaster, but at some point, their day of reckoning will come....hopefully well timed puts will go Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:57:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Damn this shit will make Tesla go to the ducking moon on Monday. Glad I have BP and didn’t immediately gamble it away as soon as I took profit creating an endless cycle of winning big and losing even bigger. Time to go big on TSLA though.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:16:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
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2021.10.17 14:26 Immediate_Question99 ⚛️ MINIEOS_COIN ⚛️ Stealth Launch ⚛️ Listed On PancakeSwap ⚛️ Liquidity locked ⚛️


☑️ Wellcome to MINIEOS_COIN (MiniEOS/BNB) ☑️

🌍 5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH 🌍

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☑️ Token MINIEOS_COIN is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. ☑️


⚛️ Pancake Swap :

⚛️ Honeypot: Zero TX

⚛️ Deeplock: Lock LP 60 Days

🌍 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply:
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

🌍 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.17 14:26 cookies_zoe what's the difference between all the different RTX 3090s listed on nividias website?

My bf is a massive Linux tech tips fan, but my pc knowledge is quite limited other than pc go brrr when I open maya..
Anyway my bf really really wants a 3090 but they're super expensive and we're pretty poor, I might have a job soon and if I take as many shifts I can whilst not at uni I might be able to afford one of the ones on the nivada website.. But they all look different I just don't have a clue if there is any difference.
Hopefully he won't see this, I'm p sure he won't recognise my account and absolutely hates reddit so I doubt he's even here..
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2021.10.17 14:26 Trisbaine Found a copy of .hack quarantine...

I recently found a copy of the English game complete with case, book, and DVD. I'm trying to do research as to how much it goes for but prices shown very so widely or are years outdated! Anyone know? And is there still a market for it?
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2021.10.17 14:26 Bozzaholic Sir David Amess: Police search homes in London in connection with murder

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2021.10.17 14:26 Jake0468 [H] +400 orders!!! Nordvpn, Spotify, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Nba, Nfl, Virgin tv, DAZN, Disney+, HBO, Direct tv, Fubo tv, AT&T, SiriusXM, Anime, Education and many more with lifetime warranty !!! [W]

Automated shop link
Tell me if the product you want is out of stock and i will add it to stock!!!
Hello! I currently only accept Btc, Eth, Ltc and Credit card (through stripe).
For any questions/difficulties hit me up and i will solve your problem! :D.
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2021.10.17 14:26 eierwerfer why does my mainboard have a TPM 2.0 connector?

Well, since everyone's talking about Windows 11 and TPM 2.0 I started to read about that. I found out, it's some kind of "security chip" that's been used to store cryptographic keys and algorhythms.
Yet I wonder, why my mainboard (X570 Aorus Master, Rev. 1.2) has an internal connectoheader for attaching something. Is this a device?
So what's the point of using the "internal TPM 2.0" (as to enable in BIOS) vs. some attached device?
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2021.10.17 14:26 CounselorTejada white person who never heard rap before: “this is a masterpiece.”

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2021.10.17 14:26 kerrbear1967 Nails cleared up when I started Simponi

I’ve been on many meds over the 20 plus years since I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Both my fingernails and toenails were pitted, thick and yellowed, of which I was very self conscious. Since starting Simponi about 6 months ago, my nails have totally cleared up!
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2021.10.17 14:26 The_Ply_Maus_King Other Three Cursed Meggies

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2021.10.17 14:26 Bozzaholic Langham Handmade Fair to return in time for Christmas

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2021.10.17 14:26 ykilledyou Guys what kind of frog is this?

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2021.10.17 14:26 sportsthreads Sunday Morning Uni Watch

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2021.10.17 14:26 Pebble_Heart_Art Mixed media artwork, made from tree bark a pebble and polymer clay.

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2021.10.17 14:26 the-seekingmind Inflame Your Self with Prayer - This is so Often Overlooked - You Must Build Emotional Intensity when you Pray or Meditate

Another passage taken from Israel Regardies book 'The Foundations of Practical Magic'
My own take on this after reading this back -
What Prayer and Meditation should be is summed -
If we want to experience God within, we need emotional intensity, we need to feel God within ourselves and as we all know, God IS LOVE. Meditation/prayer is not about sitting around trying not to think about anything. It is about us as an individual realising our deepest connection with the One Supreme intelligence behind all things. Once we know, how to muster this feeling of spiritual intensity, feeling that fire of Love burning within our body, we can powerfully begin to realise our potential and make prayer and meditation actually become productive for us.
To sit around like a parrot would, repeating back affirmations or prayers with no emotional connection to the words you are actually saying or to visualise a scene of fulfilment with no emotional connection are both utterly pointless exercises. To sit around trying not to think about anything as meditation often prescribes, is also utterly pointless. If anything trying to forcefully stop your thoughts or block them out is just another form of mental repression and could actually worsen depression and not alleviate it as some would hope it might.
We need to feel that burning fire within when we pray or meditate, that burning fire we wish to strive towards is God, as God is Love.
The Chapter Prayer below taken from Israel Regardie -
But all this is merely preparatory. The radio set may be lighted, the condensers and transformers and antennae in perfect operation — but what do we want to do with it? So also here. We need money. Sickness is present. Or we have undesirable moral or mental traits - or what not.
We have so to elevate our minds, in the utilization of this spiritual energy, that the desire of our heart automatically realizes itself with practically no effort at all. The wish, the heart’s desire, the goal to be reached, must be held firmly in mind, vitalized by divine power, but propelled forward into the universe by the fiery intensity of all the emotional exaltation we are capable of. Prayer is therefore indispensable.
Prayer, not merely as a petition to some God outside the universe, but prayer conceived as the spiritual and emotional stimulus calculated to bring about an identification with or realization of our own Godhead, Prayer, sincerely undertaken, will mobilize all the qualities of the self, and the inner fervour that it will awaken will reinforce the work previously done. It will render success an almost infallible result. For in such a case, success comes not because of one’s own human effort, but because God brings about the result.
The fervour and the emotional exaltation enable one to realize the divinity within, which is the spiritual factor which brings our desires to immediate and complete fulfilment. But I question whether prayer of the quiet unemotional variety has any value at all here. This cold blooded petitioning finds no place within the highest conceptions of spiritual achievement.
An ancient metaphysician once said, ‘Inflame thyself with prayer.’
Here is the secret. We must so pray that the whole of our being becomes aflame with a spiritual intensity before which nothing can stand. All illusions and all limitations fade away utterly before this fervour.
When the soul literally burns up, then spiritual identity with God is attained. Then the heart’s desire is accomplished without effort - because God does it.
The wish becomes fact - objective, phenomenal fact, for all to see.
What prayers, then, should be employed to lift the mind to this intensity, to awaken the emotional fervour of which it was said ‘inflame thyself in praying’? That I conceive to be a problem to be solved each one for himself. Every man and woman has some idea about prayer which, when sustained, will inflame him to inward realization.
Some people will use a poem that has always had the effect of exalting them. Others will use the Lord’s prayer, or maybe Psalm 23. And so on for all possible types. For myself, I prefer the use pf some archaic hymns known as invocations, but which are prayers nonetheless, which certainly have the desired effect upon me of arousing the necessary emotional potential."
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2021.10.17 14:26 Bozzaholic Aldi announce new store plans across Essex, including Colchester and Brentwood

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2021.10.17 14:26 korn_spiracy This is... No.

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2021.10.17 14:26 throwaway_395727 I’m tired.

OMSCS is stressful and I’m tired. My bf, who is also a software engineer, keeps telling me to not be so stressed, and says that seeing me stressed for days and weeks at a time when I have homework and exams, hurts him as well. I know he means well but I don’t know how to express how mentally exhausted I am from everything. Having omscs stuff nagging at you in the back of your mind for years wears you down eventually and just taking a break from it for a day or two helps a little but not nearly enough. I’m in my second to last class and am hoping to graduate in the spring, if I pass GA. There is no question or point to this post I just needed to vent.
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2021.10.17 14:26 scaryspatula Yikes

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2021.10.17 14:26 Bozzaholic Essex students celebrate graduation at Colchester Institute

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2021.10.17 14:26 Bozzaholic Revealed: The most haunted buildings in Essex

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2021.10.17 14:26 DinghyRequester First sim in s3 I’ve made in 5 months

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2021.10.17 14:26 Bozzaholic Tributes from across politics flood in for Sir David Amess

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2021.10.17 14:26 Objective-Yam5699 All parasites

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