2fe92 d7t2d hsn44 ey2zk sns8f r83y8 dhdih 5ndia fttzi i579n hs53n 9ek23 h59nd fesir tt9be hk8ei kn4dd edht5 94z8d 3eies 33934 Streak over. After 5 consecutive October days with maximum temperature ≥20°C in Kingston, the maximum temperature was only 19.7°C yesterday. We made it to 4th place, only 3 days behind the record. |

Streak over. After 5 consecutive October days with maximum temperature ≥20°C in Kingston, the maximum temperature was only 19.7°C yesterday. We made it to 4th place, only 3 days behind the record.

2021.10.17 15:37 YOW-Weather-Records Streak over. After 5 consecutive October days with maximum temperature ≥20°C in Kingston, the maximum temperature was only 19.7°C yesterday. We made it to 4th place, only 3 days behind the record.

Streak over. After 5 consecutive October days with maximum temperature ≥20°C in Kingston, the maximum temperature was only 19.7°C yesterday. We made it to 4th place, only 3 days behind the record. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to KingstonWxRecords [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 15:37 Nearby_Chocolate rock and blues music fan here, trying to find slower instrumental tracks to study to, any suggestions?

I love ozzy, dio, ironmaiden, metallica, bb king, black keys.. You get the idea. But im looking for slower tracks, preferably instrumentals. Something like the instrumental part of stranglehold by ted nugent or with the rythm and tempo of hand of doom, lazarus, stop stop, or the calmer parts of dont talk to strangers or afraid to shoot srrangers. You get the idea, slower bluesrocky tracks but with no lyrics as i need to study, looking mostly for bands but id be grateful for any song recommendations as well! Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.17 15:37 BigMonsterTeeth Did this for today’s Inktober prompt

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2021.10.17 15:37 OUCB_geebs Profile review. Any advice helps and is greatly appreciated!

Profile review. Any advice helps and is greatly appreciated! submitted by OUCB_geebs to Tinder [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 15:37 ThiccRopes Rules

1) Include "Vaani Kapoor" in all posts 2) No Scat or gore
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2021.10.17 15:37 spiderbite154 Endgame build advice

I'm running the usual endgame build using the deathshield, though i don't have dark sacrifice yet so i'm using embalmer's rage at the moment. I can clear ct15 Gold in a group no problem. But when i'm solo, i tend to die a lot, especially against humanoid enemies, even though i use Two defensive mods ( mitigation from death and damage absorber ). Even time Rift Is of Little use when i'm heavilly outnumberd from all sides. I still have to perfect my Maps knowledge, not only for survivability but Also because i tend to lose embalmer's rage bonus quite frequently. My doubt Is that i still don't kill fast enough to keep my health maxed out and to of course prevent things to Attack me. In terms of armor mods i don't have Sharp Eye yet, but i have: stare into the barrel, instant reload, geiger's wave, ammo bargain, bloodlust, mitigation from death, long range, damage absorber, double time and pain transfer. When i eventually get Sharp Eye, Will switching a defensive mod for It make a difference? Secondly, could switching embalmer's rage to killing spree be beneficial since It has a more forgiving cooldown? Also, i don't know if throwing captain hunter into the mix could help
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2021.10.17 15:37 Marietk21 Looking for new friends to play with EUW :)

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2021.10.17 15:37 horrortheateryt HOLLOW GATE 1988 movie trailer Plot: At a Halloween party, a young boy is almost killed by his drunken, alcoholic father. Ten years afterward, the boy goes on a murder spree.

HOLLOW GATE 1988 movie trailer Plot: At a Halloween party, a young boy is almost killed by his drunken, alcoholic father. Ten years afterward, the boy goes on a murder spree. submitted by horrortheateryt to SoBadItsGood [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 15:37 str8_70s Any direct experience with Mars Hydro AND/vs AC Infinity inline duct fans? (Got MH, and it seems loud.)

Hey all. I purchased a Mars Hydro 4" inline duct fan system (carbon filter, fan, digital controller) since it was available from the seller from whom I got my tent and light (also Mars Hydro). The specifications are baloney, in that there's no way this fan runs at 28 dB. I tested several different conditions using NIOSH Sound Level Meter app for iPhone. I realize this isn't truly accurate or precise, but it gives an idea.
Anyway, the MH fan makes a sort of whining/humming noise that's audible on another level of the house through two doors at half speed (5/10). It's not overwhelming, but when I move, I'm going to be on a single-level house and this will just NOT work, as the fan needs to always be running.
Anyone have direct experience with both the Mars Hydro and AC Infinity lines of inline duct fans? Or, more directly, is the AC Infinity T4 or T6 significantly quieter than the Mars Hydro 4" or 6" inline systems?
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2021.10.17 15:37 raja-ulat Update Info

With the upcoming update later this month, I want to ask a few questions:
What are the items that will be available in the combined shop?
Will any of the changed dresses have their skills and stats altered/nerfed?
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2021.10.17 15:37 derrickowenjames 1996 report says Canada's Health Department found 'immunization was not mandatory' According to the report, "immunization is not mandatory in Canada," said the department's Canadian National Report On Immunization. "It cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution."

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2021.10.17 15:37 BrotherHood2456 Help to translate please. Clan chat. Persian language

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2021.10.17 15:37 cookiecatmonsterr How to quit dating apps forever as a lonesome guy?

At first, im not english and from phone, so my grammar may be horrible.

I mostly ask this from males (because of their view) but you know the drill. You communicate with someone...hardly and you are glad if the whole thing goes okay and not the usual two word sentences pops up.

90% of the time no luck or you dont find just shallow, selfish people. And you think you found someone who shares the same view, communicates, or even theres a chemistry and you even considering to move forward. And with no reason (or literally it can be petty things) she deletes herself and you just dont get why and why you shouldnt spent your time with ANYTHING else. Thats the case for me all the time.

I always hear stories about success on these dating apps but i just want to quit. I was never interested in hookups, insta models, or other shallow stuffs. Im 31 and i just want a normal relationship, thats all.

The reason why im using apps because im not an outgoing person and i have lonesome hobbies. I dont like bars, clubs, nightlife and i dont drink alcohol anyomre and everybody suggesting me these places but this is not me.

I always taking a break but those breaks are getting longer and theres always an itch what says im gonna be alone and i never will be younger. But i just want to quit.

Maybe you will be triggered but these apps are just a toxic time wasters. Quality of people dosent matter, just non sense chatting. Two sided, normal communication is getting rare by each year and i always think it just not worth it when someone dosent even want to take the minimal effort into it and deletes themselve without a word.

If you quit, how did you done it?
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2021.10.17 15:37 artenasseofphi Sorry to cursed you with this. I'm still haunted by the titibo-tibo song. Can't believe this exist. As usual, the comments are people na kinikilig daw

Sorry to cursed you with this. I'm still haunted by the titibo-tibo song. Can't believe this exist. As usual, the comments are people na kinikilig daw submitted by artenasseofphi to phlgbt [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 15:37 helllyesss What’s your prospecting cadence like?

I’m still trying to figure out which works best. My cadence is kinda all over the place. Some prospects I’ll hit twice per week. Others just email
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2021.10.17 15:37 Richiieee I feel like I'm losing my passion for Gaming

So, for a few years now I have a main game that is just the only game that I like to play, however sometimes it can become dry either because there isn't a steady stream of content or I've played the absolute shit out of it, which results in me being bored of the game and having no desire to play it, well that is until more content is added. Now, the usual thing to do in a scenario like this would be to explore and play other games, however I seem to be incapable of doing that.
See, for me absolutely no other games besides this one game that I spend most of my time playing, interests me. Not games from other genres, not even games of the same genre, not even games made by the same developers. I may look at other games and think they look cool, but ultimately I never get into them because I just don't want to. So as a result of not being interested in literally no other games, once I become bored of my main game, I just quit gaming all together.
Right now I'm bored of my main game, the same game that I'm talking about in this post, but instead of exploring and playing other games, I'm on my PC watching movies and tv shows and just doing anything else besides playing video games, because I have no desire to play video games.
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2021.10.17 15:37 Criminihilist Burn 2, hour 4: “gEt mOpAnI wOoD” they said…”

Burn 2, hour 4: “gEt mOpAnI wOoD” they said…” submitted by Criminihilist to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 15:37 laulish Help with our puppy samoyed!

Hi all!
Our new samoyed puppy, male, 8 weeks old, just came home today.
The first night was terrible (howling and peeing inside, crate issues) - poor baby!
Now, we are facing 3 issues:
1) he howls a lot! I am worried about our neighbours.
2) he hates his crate ans howls inside non stop. He started doing it with his play pen!
3) he will pee on our floor inside, but will simply not pee outside on our grass pee pee pad or on walks.
Any tips for us? Thank you :)
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2021.10.17 15:37 DefiantRanger9 I got my weighted plushie (Moon Pal) and I couldn’t be more excited 🌓✨🌟

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2021.10.17 15:37 Oldmanshaggybum [] Hellsing AMV [] [XANAKIN SKYWOK - ROYAL PAIN]

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2021.10.17 15:37 Maquin_Hood Should you be paid sick pay by your employer? COVID

My wife came home from work to say the staff would not be paid for either having covid or having to isolate through track and trace as its their own fault. Seems idiotic and wrong. From what I can see on the gov website employees should be entitled to SSP?
If they are entitled to SSP what can they do?
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2021.10.17 15:37 SufficientMessage608 Questions about the Guidelines and Twitch Chat regarding sexual texting (long post)

I have posted a question before regarding what is allowed to be said in Twitch Chat when it comes to sexual activity. A few people came to my aid very quickly (thank you) but I do still have some questions regarding this topic and what is stated in the guidelines.
So from my understanding, A streamer can be hold accountable for their chat's behavior seeing how there is a report option when you try to report a streamer saying " streamer isn't moderating their chat".
So let's say people in my Twitch Chat are almost sexting to each other (They aren't explicitly describing the state of their genitals or how they would have sex with the person (like positions for example)) but they are saying things like, that "they would have intercourse" with a certain person in chat (or the streamer), and how they will give them a "filling" or a "pounding". In other words they are making sexual advances with or without the consent of the other person first (thus not knowing/or knowing if the other person is comfortable with it)
Question: Would I get in trouble as a streamer for letting my chat behave like this seeing how this could potentially fall under sexual harassment if the other person isn't okay with being approached in a sexual way? And if it was consentual between the 2 users? Could I still get in trouble for it as a streamer?

Now regarding Words, I know terms such as "virgin", "simp" and "incel" are against TOS ( when they are being used to negatively refer to another person or in form of harassment), I'm struggling to find a list of sorts with words like these that have to do with sexual stuff, that are also not allowed. I have seen people use the word "coom" instead of the normal word for it so... question time.
Question: What other words could get me in trouble as a streamer (that aren't racial slurs etc.). Will words like "c*m" "c*nt" etc. get me in trouble if I let them be used in chat?

When it comes to violence, let's say I would in a playful manner tell someone (user to user, not streamer to user) that I would beat them up or that I would turn them into a chalk outline (k*ll them). Is this allowed on twitch? I know that twitch isn't okay with serious threats but since it's in a playful way would I still get someone in trouble if let's say a 3rd party (another viewer who isn't involved) reports me?

I do apologize for the long post but I couldn't find any official answers from twitch or other people's knowledge regarding these specific topics.
Thank you for your time to read this and thank you ever so much in advance for replying.
Have a wonderful day!
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2021.10.17 15:37 wafffelbrain My trio of babes

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2021.10.17 15:37 Workinformca1974 Where to learn about all available loans for homeowners?

New realtor and would like to familiarize myself with all types of home loans to be more knowledgeable for my clients. Any learning tools recommended? Thanks
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2021.10.17 15:37 Ok_Fill5711 Level 10, looking for someone to learn the other maps besides customs with

Not the best player ever but I can hold my own in a gunfight.

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