Rattlers run past AAMU 35-31 to get first road win of the season

2021.10.17 13:39 twg-bot Rattlers run past AAMU 35-31 to get first road win of the season

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2021.10.17 13:39 benh999 China tested new space capability with hypersonic missile: Report

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2021.10.17 13:39 Jxn101 Am I un-alived yet? Day 399

Saturday, 16th October, 2021
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2021.10.17 13:39 thelumpyone Hi Guys my macbook is refusing to boot past this point. has anyone else had this issue. the left side of the touchbar is powering on alongside the keyboard however right side touchbar and screen are inactive.

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2021.10.17 13:39 Papaya-Powerful Etsy closed my shop!!!

I’ve been a seller on Etsy now, selling little handmade cards, for over a year now. And around a month ago, they closed my shop. They’re reasoning for this is because ‘they are not handmade’ which is total rubbish.
I’ve tried contacting them several times, to reopen my shop. Sent multiple emails, over half were ignored. Plus phone calls. But I only found out they have a buyer support phone number and not a seller one?! (Keep in mind that this is currently my full time job)
So I’ve been trying to get hold of them for around a month now, sending messages through their website, and separate emails. But they replied to one email (which was an automated one) and decided to ignore the rest.
Does anyone have any idea how to actually talk to someone over the phone if possible about this, or maybe an email address where the emails sent are actually read. Thank you!
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2021.10.17 13:39 planetaryauroras What are these white dots on edges Ludisia Spiderman? (more info in comments)

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2021.10.17 13:39 Kinda_OK_At_Art Theory- Spamton was in Undertale

Yes, I think Spamton was in undertale. Why? Well, you all know the message in undertale's files, the one that goes "Have some respect, don't spoil the game" etc. And comparing that to spamton's laugh, I have drawn similarity to the fact that the voices shift. What do you guys think?
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2021.10.17 13:39 ConsciousShallot7032 Althea BCP experiences

My GF has been on Althea for more than 2 years now but i never came inside without a condom due to paranoia. She takes the pill every night within a 2 hour range, between 8pm to 10pm. We plan on doing it soon, how is your experience with Althea when it comes to unprotected sex? How safe is it?
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DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury W SUMMERLIN PKWY and N RAMPART BLVD; WB OFFRAMP 10/17/2021 04:26:50 AM
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2021.10.17 13:39 Pierrot351 (1) Spot Left / 175$ / H2H Pts / 10-Team / 4th Year Redraft ESPN / Leaguesafe / Drafting Tonight 21:00 ET

We are now only 1 owners short of having a 10-team league drafting on time Sunday.
No 2nd owner allowed so don't do it.
The draft will be held on Sunday October 17 at 21:00 ET.
Because the season will already be underway when we finish the draft, our regular season will start the following Monday.
We still have a regular season of 20 games so it is no bid deal at all, and we will not have to deal with a short week matchup which I hate.
Here are the settings. Please read them carefully before joining:
1st Place 850$
2nd Place 450$
3rd Place 300$
Most Pts 150$
You can join the league directly by using the following link on Leaguesafe to pay the entry fee:
If you have questions, or need the ESPN invite following payment, email me at [pgingras2016@gmail.com](mailto:pgingras2016@gmail.com)
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2021.10.17 13:39 nutellatoast0831 A friendly reminder to anyone trapped in a situationship feeling miserable

I just broke up with my ex (I think I can call him ex, we both had deep feelings for each other) and got myself out of a situationship of two months.
He said he really liked me but he didn't want to call me his girlfriend nor he didn't want to commit to the relationship.
I was becoming more and more self-conscious about my words and actions around him. I was miserable and anxious that I couldn't be vulnerable with him because of the fear that I might be scaring him away.
After two weeks of frustration, I called it quits just now and honestly, I couldn't feel better. It's relieving and exhilirating.
To anyone caught in an FWB-with-feelings-situation or a situationship,
You deserve better, snap out of it!
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2021.10.17 13:39 himbomothman I read Not Part Of The Plan (so you don't have to) 2/2

And here we are with the final part in this terrible, terrible saga. If you missed the first part where I got irrationally angered by hamsters, Kristen's panties, and Bethany existing you can find it here. Hopefully. God, I don't know guys, I'm still figuring out how Reddit works.
Anyway seriously thank you for all of the nice comments and feedback on my last post! It totally made my day to create content that y'all enjoy when you've been doing the same thing for me for aaaages now. I apologize for how long it took me to get this up - to be blunt, I didn't expect so many pairs of eyes on my first post and I got a little nervous that I'd... season 8 of GOT y'all or something.
Chapter 7: Trust the One Who Holds Tomorrow Bethany is talking again. I’m immediately irritated because she seems to get progressively dumber as I read on. She’s discussing how they decided to start Girl Defined while Kristen was childless (has Bethany mentioned lately that Kristen didn’t have any babies? Cause she mentions it three times in one and a half pages!) and she was “Single as a Pringle.” Sometimes bullying is okay and bullying Bethany is godly work.
There’s a mention of a “crazy mocha ladies” story and she suggests I read their book on purity. Someone please tell me what this vapid donut is talking about and assure me it’s as stupid as I think it is.
My favorite part of this introduction to the chapter is Bethany saying “The two of us poured hours of our time into launching a website (www.girldefined.com).” Something about adding www. is so... boomery.
She abruptly takes us back to 2011 (3 years before GD was formed) to remind us about her fucking wedding dress again. Bethany talks about this fucking dress more than Kristen mentions her miscarriages.

“At this point in time, we both assumed God would give us the good and, frankly, biblical desires of our hearts (i.e., godly husbands and houses full of adorable children).”
They… they got those things? They literally are both married with kids now?
I begin to wonder what the audience for this book is. Neither of them are cool and a teenager would hate them. A woman suffering from real issues isn’t going to be inspired by Bethany’s insipid yowling. About 119 boring pages ago they said this book was for women who’s lives aren’t going to plan - including ones with terminal illness.
But really guys Bethany’s had the hardest life ever because she got married at 30. Jesus Christ himself would bow to this empty headed ball of greasy fried dead ends and be like “I see I have met someone who’s truly suffered. Let me take the spear out of my side so I can kneel down and pray to you, Bethany.”
She goes on to talk about how writing their first book (this is their fifth!) as very intense and blah blah blah trust in god. I’m only interested in this because of this quote:
“Let me just say that writing does not come easily to me. I’m not even kidding. Every word of Girl Defined was a serious labor of love. Forming words on paper (including these words) is just stinking hard for me!”
I briefly consider what grift to do in order to get myself a five book deal.
Bethany admits to being jealous of Kristen and Zach because it was totes unfair Kristen had a partner to sex her while Bethany had to go cry while staring at her wedding dress or whatever it is you do when you don’t masturbate. Since she was alone, you know. She had family (no mention of friends YIKES) but “Not a man. Not my prayer warrior. Not my true love.”
I’m more frustrated because I can understand to an extent. There was a time in my life that I too was watching my sister have a supportive husband while I had to bear the world on my shoulders alone. Except when I did it I was signing a DNR on my father in hospice and not writing about what outfits God likes.
I worry a while about hating Bethany because maybe I am Bethany until I learn she’s a dog person and named the thing Fluffy. I feel instant relief that this is not a case of (if I can steal more of Natalie Wynn’s jokes than I already do) “A-Logs all the way down.”
Anyway my own introspection is more interesting than most of this chapter where Bethany tries to break down the lines
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.”
While Kristen can at times make God seem like a comfort and a protector Bethany kinda makes God sound like a toxic boyfriend that will accuse you of cheating if you have your dad’s number saved in your phone.
There’s also a lot of talk on trusting God but no advice as to how precisely to bridge that gap. Sometimes I wonder if Bethany simply isn’t as religious as she claims to be and she just likes hearing herself talk.
She’s also used the word “stinking” four times in this chapter. Everything is so stinking hard or so stinking cool or so stinking cute. I hate this more than her tendency to say “do life with someone.”
Chapter 8: Freed Up to Live for Him It’s yet another Bethany led chapter and I (himbomothman) am about to macrame myself a noose.
She starts talking about Dav though so I put down my macrame plans and go into the season of calling Bethany a LYING LIAR WHO LIES! She says she met him at 23 and he was about 17 years old when he was actually 16! She said so on Instagram! I excitedly inform my boyfriend of this and am reminded why I save this shit for the subreddit.
The way she talks about Dav is very… cold. Dav wasn’t a friend or an acquaintance. She didn’t think of him at all. She wishes it had been love at first sight.
She says she had a “serious” relationship and breakup (is this the one she slept in her mommy’s bed? Who knows! She refuses to bring up that story for some reason!) and spent years humbling herself to God. This is going on for pages and it’s basically just “God says no to my wedding dress and I’m super salty about it but I can’t say anything so it’s fine I don’t need to get married.” She’s been suckling at the spinster teat so long it’s clearly not fine.
Anyways Dav grows up (to his twenties, suddenly mentions of age are very vague) and he’s a man. This is the only time she’s ever said anything nice about him in my hearing and it fits what I have seen of him. That he’s a happy, chill guy who’s funny and good at a party. She admires him.
I also almost forget to mention she calls him David at this point?
Their relationship is a slow burn where Bethany frets that she’s cucking God by wanting to date David and then David asks her to dinner. They make each other better for Christ and that’s apparently the most romantic thing about them.
She adds a sneak peek into their journals from the time and the cringe is so intense I have to go take a shower. The font choice is so bad. It’s also so fake. I’m going to ignore Bethany’s entry because it’s boring but everyone should read David’s (formatting his own):
May 25, 2018
I am absolutely FREAKING OUT!!! Tomorrow is the day I propose to Bethany Lynn Baird. I am so excited, I’m almost crying. She has grown to mean more to me than anyone ever has. She 100 percent has my heart forever. I will always love her. I’m just so grateful. Lord, why do I get to be with her?! She is beyond anything I will ever deserve.
May 27, 2018
On May 26, 2018, at about 2:20 p.m., I promised to Bethany, and she said, “Of course!” We are now an engaged couple! I could not be more thrilled and excited! God is so wonderful to give me a relationship with such an amazing angel! I LOVE BETHANY SO, SO MUCH!
They read like something I would have written at 15 about the first guy who let me blow him during a matinee of She’s The Man.
I also can’t make fun of him too much. He seems sweet even if he inexplicably likes Bethany.
Speaking of the curse that is Bethany, she mentions she didn’t wear the closet dress but says she’ll talk about why later. I wish I made this book a drinking game.
Blah blah blah David isn’t her number one because god is.
Her homework for the end of the chapter is to listen to a song about surrendering to God twice in a row. Instead I turn on Taylor Swift’s Grammy winning album folklore. Taylor is gonna get me through this and that’s why she’s the only blonde in yeehaw tradwife wear for me.
Chapter 9: Sometimes You Laugh, Sometimes You Cry The mood shifts rapidly as it’s Kristen’s chapter and she’s talking about her final pregnancy. They saw a heartbeat at 8 weeks (something they never saw with the others who never made it past about 6 weeks) and she loses them at 11 weeks. It’s… hard to read about her pain and when she recounts how she didn’t miscarry until the day her pregnancy app congratulated her on 12 weeks I tear up.
The dynamic between her and her husband is unique in the younger fundies I see - Zach seems empathetic and supportive. Kristen speaks about him as if she’s genuinely in love with him in ways that go beyond being a godly wife. It’s a stark difference between her and Bethany.
Speaking of Bethany, she found out she was pregnant a week after Kristen’s miscarriage. I didn’t realize this timing.
She talks a lot about how much she struggled to support Bethany while mourning her own baby and I don’t know how she stands any of it. She doesn’t either as she talks about crying almost every day and begging god to help her make the choice to love her sister.
Interestingly she calls grieving a healthy and good thing to do but encourages people to not go down a bitter, angry path. Maybe Kristen’s actually spoken to a real therapist because she’s remarkably emotionally intelligent for a fundie.
She also goes on about how while it was hard to be at Bethany’s baby shower she was glad she did it and God’s grace helped her feel strong enough to do it.
“Remember: We must learn how to weep over our losses in healthy ways while also rejoicing with the people we love.”
Chapter 10: When Life Throws You a Detour Another Kristen chapter and this one starts with her having brunch with Bethany and Rebekah.
Bethany asks if Kristen has considered adoption which is something Kristen gets asked about a lot apparently. I’ve been taught this is generally considered a dick move but Kristen doesn’t seem to mind.
Bethany then starts bawling at the brunch table thinking about the poor little orphans? Sure. Anyway she goes all Dr. Phil on Kristen how fear is keeping Kristen from adopting.
This is deep apparently so Kristen goes home and buys Adopted For Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches by Russell Moore. I’m not qualified to judge what good adoption practices are but the little I know about Moore isn’t good.
She listens to the book while power washing the patio which isn’t important but it’s such a Capricorn thing. Of course this broad likes using a power washer. She says it’s her favorite hobby.
There’s no real discussion about why they pick international adoption or the Ukraine specifically.
I am surprised to discover that Kristen was SHOCKED when Zach said he’d be open to adopting more than one kid.
I also roll my eyes at
“Six months later, we joyfully shipped our entire dossier (a massive stack of forms) over to Ukraine.”
But maybe she’s right. That’s a big word for someone who’d willingly sit through Girl Defined books for inspiration.
The Ukraine adoption agencies don’t give you a referral until you’re physically there so it’s like a blind date with kids. The boys run up to them immediately and they get along like a house on fire immediately. I believe Kristen and Zach, but it seems strange to me that she’s so blasé about the language barrier. If I was adopting I’d at least try to learn a few small things. I get Russian is especially hard but come on, these are your future sons!
She talks about her journey with infertility and how she believes God’s refusals brought her to the right place in the end. It’s long and clumsily written (everything she writes is clumsy), but it’s earnest and I believe she believes it. I could see why this chapter in particular could be very inspiring for someone who relates to her journey.
I also appreciate how little detail she goes into about the boys. She says their ages, that they speak Russian, they like Legos, and she loves them more than anything. Kristen opted not to overshare.
Chapter 11: Seeing the Beauty in Your Story Bethany ruins my warm fuzzies by talking about her stupid birth story. On their Valentine’s Day date she says “This is it! This is our last Valentine’s Day with just the two of us. Next year our sweet little baby, Davey Jr., will be with us! Our family is about to change forever!”
Very natural dialogue.
Also still no explanation as to why he’s David and not Dav.
Her birth story is also different than what I remember. She talks about it being a very easy, fast birth where she serenely birthed out her baby in her own bed and everything was chill. This isn’t what I remember?
I’m not going to snark on her whining about breastfeeding but it’s a clumsy transition into talking about Elissa. I initially thought Elissa was a wet nurse, that’s how sudden and jarring it was.
But no, it’s Bethany talking about her sisters and THEIR stories and how they’re going. Elissa has a “dashing Ukrainian husband” (Bethany sounds hornier for Andrii than she has been about anything but her wedding dress). Rebekah is the gopher for Girl Defined. Suzanna is apparently their lead designer! She’s of age even if she’s a teen so I can be a mean twink: Graphic design may be her passion but it’s not her calling.
There’s now a section titled “Your Story” in which Bethany asks what she’d be writing about me.
I bet it would be homophobic.
Chapter 12: Looking for Kingdom Moments It’s the last chapter and I’m downright giddy. I’m almost free!
Except here we are again. Talking about Bethany’s favorite subject.
The way she describes her reasoning for not wearing the dress is different than on her Instagram again (lying is a sin, Bethany!). Here she tells us that a dress that was her style back then isn’t her style now. And it’s still in the back of her closet!
Kristen asks a good question that I too have. “Who does that? Who pays over a thousand dollars for a dress and then never actually wears it?”
Bethany’s line is so…
“I guess spontaneous, outside of the box, crazy girls like me do that.”
If Bethany was secular she’d either
A. Post lots of memes with text like “She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.” while also being too afraid to ask a waiter for ketchup
B. Be one of those kinky girls who feels like being led around on a leash is exactly the same thing as being LGBT and gives her the right to use the f slur.
Poor Dav has to deal with this psychopath having TWO wedding dresses in the closet.
She spends the whole chapter rehashing what we’ve learned in this book. Someone was running out of ideas and not hitting their page count goals and it shows .
There’s a where are they now part.
Kristen talks about helping her boys with their English lessons. Bethany calls Davey Jr. “the best thing ever”. Her husband is still David.
That’s the end of of the chapter but there’s 20 more pages! The acknowledgements are boring except for how David is finally Dav. The next 18 pages are just advertisements for their other books and their website.
What I’m left with is the question of who is this book for?
While there’s limited technical errors, the writing isn’t compelling. It’s far too normie for fundies (they don’t touch on any controversial topics beyond anxiety being a sin) and I don’t think normie Christians are interested in baby’s first read of psalm 23. This doesn’t really touch on how someone is supposed to trust God’s plan for their life or WHY certain things are comforting either. Someone who doesn’t have faith isn’t going to read this and find an argument for developing faith. “I believe because I believe” is not convincing.
And what’s more, their hardships just aren’t worth a book. Kristen’s pain is legitimate and real but her narrative feels more worthy of a blogpost. I don’t think she can access the technical skills to tell a story in long form. And Bethany is just insulting. An unmarried woman past 30 who’s sensitive about it is just going to find her insulting and her love story is so… sad.
Are there Girl Defined super fans? I don’t see how any of this would be new information (even Jake Paul had some tea about his teenage sexcapdes in HIS book). I’m constantly mystified by these two and how they afford to keep the lights on.
All I've learned for certain is that while Kristen is the most dangerous member (as she has two brain cells to rub together and earnestness) Bethany is the fucking WORST.
If you have any questions about things that weren't clear or want me to pull some quotes out I can. I have a physical copy so I can just take a picture, it's not that deep (you might have to ignore my graffiti but that's a whole other thing. I've been debating going back to read their other garbage so if you'd like me to do a similar breakdown of other GD books (or hey, any fundie book? I find Bethany to be the funniest clown of the bunch but I've heard there's some doozies out there) let me know. I'd be happy to risk my sanity for your entertainment.
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2021.10.17 13:39 DrPickleBerryJuice Currently not done but just got to this part and got my on the first half not gonna lie i cried, fastest ive ever have 🤣

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