My Rant

2021.10.17 14:36 TigerArt321 My Rant

Im trying to Play On my Nintendo Switch using my wired Pro Controller, Im trying to play an Rpg and every single time i try and select a move i always choose wrong because it keeps driffting through the menus. I always choose the wrong thing meaning ive lost so many items and (in game) cash due to drifft. I try and move around in the overworld and i always move down I CANT ANYMORE. I know i could send my controllers to Nintendo for a repair but sill. I got past world 1 tolerating the problem im in world 2 and i cant. I just saved and stopped playing, beacuse i was screaming and raging so much and wanted to break my controller. Drift is only on the nintendo switch as well, I HATE IT and the fact they are outright ignoring the problem is making it even worse. They have been sent to court and have no sign of changing. It may seem like im just ranting, (which is true, im very angry right now) but i cant stand this it has to stop.
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2021.10.17 14:36 bignibbaspice Whatโ€™s a plant that looks similar to sally that can be used as a cover incase asked about it by a relative?

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2021.10.17 14:36 EverydayLifeLol Just watch David goggins to get over this as simple as that.

David goggins
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2021.10.17 14:36 BloodAssassin89 These Playstation Soldiers forgot to add X so I did it for them

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2021.10.17 14:36 AdaptedMix Russian film crew return to Earth after shooting the first film in space

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2021.10.17 14:36 LouisHughes12 Auto Shop Car Mods and Repairs

Is there a certain way they work? is there a way to get loads of good cars that pay high instead of the ones that pay $20000?
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2021.10.17 14:36 Henrinki Beim Erstellen war ich mir erst unsicher, wer wer ist. Lukas kannst du aber daran erkennen, dass er noch cuter ist uwu

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2021.10.17 14:36 slashy_washy wyd?

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2021.10.17 14:36 itsacalamity Diagram of a Drug Abuser (1972)

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2021.10.17 14:36 JazzlikePudding7780 Giratina on me add 7893 3353 3996

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2021.10.17 14:36 Responsible_Cycle882 Looking for scholarship ๐Ÿ™

Greeting Manager!
Name: Ariel B Mendoza Jr Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: Philippines Civil Status: SINGLE Nationality: Filipino Youtube Account Name you used to subscribe to the channel: none FB name(if any): Jay-ar Mendoza Occupation: Senior Highschool Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: android phone (Oppo f1s)/pc Internet: [wifi/data]wifi/data Average SLP per day: 150-200 How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie:10-12hours/day Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity: no Hobbies: playing mobile games and basketball How well do you know the Axie Game mechanics:I will complete the daily check ins,complete 10 adventures mode levels(these can be the same level each time,it doesn't matter) and I will win 5 arenas matches. Reason why should we choose you:I believe I deserve this scholarship because I have an ability I am hardworking,goal-oriented and self motivated. To contact Email : Twitter : Jayar mendoza Telegram : +639318328221 Thank you and god bless ๐Ÿ˜‡ hoping for your response godbless
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2021.10.17 14:36 HowellsView Introducing Happy Quokkas NFT!

Introducing Happy Quokkas NFT! Happy Quokkas is an NFT collection inspired by the happiest animal on the planet ๐Ÿ˜Š
Holders of this one-of-a-kind NFT will gain lifetime entry to a community dedicated to mindfulness, personal growth, and positive transformation via an app that's scheduled to launch in early 2022 ๐Ÿ“ฑ
Over 6k Twitter followers and 1k Discord members in just 72 hours ๐Ÿคฏ Get in now on this rare gem ๐Ÿ’Ž before it explodes!
Sign up for their waitlist today to reserve your spot and mint your very own Happy Quokka:
Additional links:
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2021.10.17 14:36 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Politics chat: Biden's spending bills are still stalled on Capitol hill | NPR

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2021.10.17 14:36 ghoul_legion While doing my little challenge run, I came accross Perma Staggered Toshi.

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2021.10.17 14:36 Purple_Vegetable_419 Spinal decompression other than hanging ?

Would Holding the Dip Support Position with ankle weights on your feet help to decompress the spine ?, Would it work just a well as hanging ?, I did 4 sets of 40s with 10kg ankle weights, i felt pretty good. Was just wondering if someone's doing ?, The pull up Bar available in my gym is too low for me to hang with straight legs.
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2021.10.17 14:36 happysunny Getting ALL Contraceptive Services Covered by Insurance ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Earlier this year, I got my IUD removed and switched over to the pill. But when I got my insurance company EOBs, I was expected to pay towards my deductible on some of the services (the appointment, pregnancy test, bacterial culture).
I called my insurance at numerous times to try and get this covered but they gave the excuse that the procedure codes werenโ€™t preventive so couldnโ€™t be covered 100%. Even though it was all related to contraceptive services.
After months of trying to resolve this with my insurance company, I reached out to my stateโ€™s Insurance Department to complain of the ACA violation. They contacted me 2 weeks later that it was resolved, and my insurance would cover everything. ๐Ÿ˜Š
TLDR: if you have trouble with getting birth control covered by your health insurance (that isnโ€™t because your plan is grandfathered or has a religious exemption), reach out to your stateโ€™s insurance department or other relevant government agency!
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2021.10.17 14:36 orslo Es un clon fallido

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2021.10.17 14:36 mike_loves_memes ืกืœื™ื—ื”?_ื‘ืž

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2021.10.17 14:36 Jeremy-Fitzgerald27 great britain more like cringe britain

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2021.10.17 14:36 Ceirios_o7 How to help my brother who is not motivated and has anger issues without him thinking I'm his enemy

For context, all the children of my father are more or less abused since young, but one of my brothers (V) got it worse than all of us.
V used to travel around and do holiday work like picking fruits and working as casual staff in various places in different countries. But since few years ago he decided to settle in a place which rely on our mum's visa, he's dependent and he was brainwashed by my father to hate my mum. My parents are separated btw. V used to work on and off, and due to his mental health and the lack of ability to perform team working skills, he can't find a stable job and now he's just staying at home (2years)and play games all the time.
I play games myself and I don't blame games. But the problem is he's also causing trouble on and off due to his behaviour, he'll leave the dishes out, not cleaning after himself, when my mum asked him to simply do the basic chores like cleaning the dish that he used, he will not co-operate and will do more damage than before, like purposely throw stuff around and my mum has to clean it up.
Due to the pandemic, I've been stuck on another country and not able to help physically. My mum has some conditions that needed surgery and she's been in pain for many months now, with my brother acting like this, I want to find a good gentle way to not anger him but motivate him to at least pick himself up and ease my mum's burden. Since he might get hysterical if I say the wrong thing. We've had a lots of conversation with him and he can always find an excuse for his actions like to the point that he blames my mum for bringing him to this world.
My mum is at the point where she said once the visa is over, she'll kick my brother out. But my brother's initial anger about my mum is because she did that before and she half-assed it. I worry that he will revenge on her if she do it again. I hope he can at least try to find a thing that he can do to at least make himself happy, since 24/7 staying at home is prolly why his mental health is going downhill on the first place.
Tldr: How to motivate my brother with mental health and anger issues without making him feel offended. Advice is much appreciated.
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2021.10.17 14:36 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Antonia Freya Lydia

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2021.10.17 14:36 James122304 A new update from the #ItsBroken

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2021.10.17 14:36 Dri7zle Random I've Seen Footage frame day 199

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2021.10.17 14:36 Human--Garbage Carley Rae Jepse)))n (Carley Rae Jepsen, Sunn O)))) [11:00]

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2021.10.17 14:36 Raftropos Is it good soldier?

Found one set item that is made only for a soldier. I decided to collect a hero for him. Haven't played through physical damage before, is this a normal build?
My build
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