Gp and arranged marriages

2021.10.17 15:40 Jdub20202 Gp and arranged marriages

I just want to make a suggestion here - I think it's time to retire the phrase "arranged marriages". I find that a lot of the discussion when it comes to the entire topic is now centered around if they literally arranged marriages. I don't think they literally did that.
I do think what they did do was wrong. They may be continuing to do those same things. And I think it needs to be talked about. Current gp members and PED start debating that they don't do that, and I don't think it's actually helpful.
I don't want them to just have to clear the low, low bar of - we don't literally have leaders gather in a room and decide which members should get married to each other.
I can only speak for myself so if others disagree by all means you don't have to listen to me. I may or may not have been the one that started using the phrase. I vaguely remember maybe posting it somewhere. If I did it was meant to be hyperbole to drive home a point.
I genuinely don't want this to become a forum where we name call and attack any active gp member that comes by, only for them to just disappear later. I do really want to have an open and honest dialogue.
My 2 cents.
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2021.10.17 15:40 chrisdh79 NASA is studying how to build a Wi-Fi network on the moon in the hopes it could also solve Earth's digital divide

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2021.10.17 15:40 BVK2 Every year, Em’s birthday overshadows mine 😭

I got “friends” literally wishing a man they never met in their lives a happy b-day but not me, lol.
Happy birthday, Em
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2021.10.17 15:40 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-david-herbert-lawrence-39

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2021.10.17 15:40 leastbasedarab thoughts on Ahmadis (Ahmadiyya)

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2021.10.17 15:40 BearAmazing6284 Is it possible to 'freshen up' heavier winter fragrances?

Hi all, fragrance newbie here so please be gentle. My preference in fragrances seems to strongly lean towards fresh, clean and citrussy scents. In the summer heat I really enjoy versace pour homme, Neroli Portofino and bdc (edt). I recently bought D&G The One (edp) as a fragrance for autumn/winter. Its a wonderful scent and I enjoy it, but I'm not sure it's to my tastes. I can't help but feel that the rich, tobacco sweetness could benefit from a little bit of a citrus lift, kind of a like how a slice of lemon cuts through the sweetness of a coca cola. In my mind it would make this fragrance perfect. I'm finding I now rarely reach for this one because I will nearly always opt for a fresher alternative. I think Bleu de Chanel edp in this way does an excellent job of balancing warm, sweet notes while still keeping it somewhat fresh- it makes it such a versatile fragrance for most of the year and I love it!
I understand this is not the point of tabacco fragrances and definitely not the intention of the perfumer, but has anyone had any luck layering heavier, winter fragrances with a basic citrussy one to give it a little brightness? Or am I wasting my time and better off selling?
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2021.10.17 15:40 joesen_one Super Junior D&E - COUNTDOWN TO ZERO Ep. 1 : California Love (211017)

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2021.10.17 15:40 Delfouniet90 Alternative scoring system for tennis

Match is played to a determined amount of time (eg: 2, 3, 4 hours).
Whoever has won the most points at the time of match ending wins.
Each player serves consecutively for 5 points in each turn.
Every 10 points there is a change of court side.
What do you think of this?
Do you know of any other alternative scoring systems?
It would be fun to have a scoring system that gives more points to better shots (winners etz) or to long rally points.
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2021.10.17 15:40 evilpotatobich If batman begins was realistic Bruce Wayne would have fucking died of Rabies

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2021.10.17 15:40 No-Donut-8680 EXTREME RIGHT-SIDE PELVIC swelling, and it’s happening before my period, and leaves 4 days after..

I am 32yrs old, 215lbs, 5’10, Caucasian female.(I’ve recently lost 80lbs, and gained 25lbs of lean muscle in the last 18mnths) I have been having issues mostly, emotionally before my periods, am waiting on results for Von Willderbrands disease due to extremely heavy periods. These past three months have been extreme, 3-5 days BEFORE I even get my period I have swelling I can feel during sexual Penetration. My bf of 9yrs, one partner who is unconditionally supportive. I used to cry for literally no reason, and I am on no medications except suboxone. I have been on Methadone for 7 years and finally Switched to suboxone. My right hip, right side of my vagina, vulva and mound all swell, my right side near my Hip/just about belly button height under rib cage all feel tight. It impeding me from using the bathroom regularly (which isn’t a problem unless I am on my Period ) I am at a loss, I’ve been waiting 15 months to see a gynaecologist, and beginning to feel like this is a serious issue, possibly affecting my Right ovary? Hospital won’t help unless I break a fever. Canada we’re out healthcare is “free” and totally awesome 🙄 any and all advice welcomed. (Wish I could post the video of swelling)
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2021.10.17 15:40 klurkerrr Shows like kkokkomu or unanswered questions

Title says it all. I’m trying to find a similar show like them since i’m getting interested on different crime stories. Hope you could recommend one with available english subs :>
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2021.10.17 15:40 stickmannnnnn Imma upgrading my laptop, which one is best option for Logic pro?

I'm using 13"macbook pro early 2015. And I wonder about differences between 16" macbook. can I get some advices?
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2021.10.17 15:40 PokWangpanmang Day 17 Collide

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2021.10.17 15:40 _prayer_mode_ BBC Symphony Orch Pro... reverb solutions?

Hi all! Love this library but one thing I'm struggling with is the reverb. I'm curious what folks here have done to dial it in. Mic positions, 3rd party reverb plugins, etc. How do you get your mix right?
I have a project right now that is full orch, and the client wants less reverb. One solution I am thinking about doing is turning the Advanced setting off (in the signal mixer), setting each mix to "Close", and then running the ensemble through Valhalla Room reverb to get more nuanced options. Thoughts?
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2021.10.17 15:40 dgb6662 Is everyone else getting quick warnings on AP when you look at your phone?

2021 M3P, no FSD. I've noticed recently (past few weeks maybe?), possibly since most recent update, that if I look at my phone while in AP I get an almost instantaneous nag to put my hand on the wheel and a quick trip to the penalty box if this isn't acted on quickly. And yes, I know I shouldn't be looking at my phone, but I have a 30 mi highway commute in relatively heavy, slowish moving traffic, often stop and go traffic. I know they have activated the inside camera and I believe they are using AI for detecting whether your eyes are on the road, but it just seems annoying. Anyone else noticed this?
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2021.10.17 15:40 IndependentNice5039 Comic of the prologue from Into the Wild!

Also has allegiances for those who dont recognize the characters. yes i started this project in august of 2020 yes i am going insane as we speak. To be updated with chapter 1 in a few months probably idk
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2021.10.17 15:40 kms780601 The makeup and prosthetics team should win an emmy!

I only noticed this after checking on IMDB - Wade (hiding under that beard and hat) is played by Michael Trucco (I'm a BSG fan here). Also compare how Beverly, Mildred, Erin, Riley's mom and the actresses who play them look totally different from the characters they play. Wow!
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2021.10.17 15:40 hj1xd Is there a way to see website traffic?

I have opened a website and i'm currently using the free website builder. Is there a way to see how site traffic/how many people are viewing the website?
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2021.10.17 15:40 ComprehensiveMap3459 [FREE] Baby Keem Type Beat 2022 "Locked In"

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2021.10.17 15:40 stares_at_rain New Strategy?

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2021.10.17 15:40 VIKING-316 This 9yr old on a full sized dirt bike.

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2021.10.17 15:40 webbedwonder la blogotheque inspired 8 (circle) cover

was inspired several months ago by the solo jv acoustic version of 8 (circle) and began recording "one takes" myself - finally got around to 8 (circle) last night!
thanks for listening
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2021.10.17 15:40 orphan_ish Wanna talk grief and loss? Join the grief hangout server to connect with a community of grievers 24/7

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2021.10.17 15:40 myogjin [FOR HIRE] Comissions open please contact me via Instagram or DM - OC's/fanarts/icons - some of my work below and my portfolio in comments

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2021.10.17 15:40 horrortheateryt HOLLOW GATE 1988 movie trailer Plot: At a Halloween party, a young boy is almost killed by his drunken, alcoholic father. Ten years afterward, the boy goes on a murder spree.

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